Robotics club is a yearlong robotics program aimed at implementing technology enhanced learning in classrooms.It aims to promote robotics as a tool for application of concepts learnt by students in classrooms using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) integration by creating multiple intelligence based learning environment.

Robotics also provides an opportunity to rediscover and redesign learning by engaging students in an inquiry based approach to collaborate and be creative in solving open ended robotics challenges. It is best suited for Challenge Based Learning and Problem Based Learning.

The key features of Robotics club are:

  • Age appropriate robot design activities across grade 4-6.
  • Easy to use cloud based programming interface.
  • Assessment record of the students learning.
  •  Guided Powerpoint sessions to assist students in robot building.

 The students have hands on experience with robots and making simple machines. The students have enthusiastically taken up to be a part of the club which is conducted once in a week. The students have been provided with a beginner’s kit of robots . They have been trained under the able guidance of our instructor the kit consists of main processor for the robot and several other parts which can easily be used to build a robot. In the initial sessions, the students were introduced to what robotics is and what robots actually do. Then, gradually, they were taught about the different parts of the kit and how to use each part.