Parent School partnership


Education is a shared commitment among dedicated teachers , motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations. A positive parent teacher relationship contributes to a child's success in school. It demonstrates to the child that they can trust the teacher because parents also do. We request you to read and understand our commitment to you and the commitment that we ask you to make for your child. We also expect children to take responsibility for what is expected of them to maximize their learning. Children benefit enormously from being able to discuss the school day at home. Parent’s interest in school activities and constructive comments about them enables a child to develop a better understanding of the work and reinforces what is taught in school. Reading is a crucial aspect of school work and it is important for parents to try and hear their child read everyday . A child who reads widely and with enthusiasm usually has better writing skills.




PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) / PMM (Parent Management Meeting)




The teachers and parents often see different aspects of child's personality. Regular, PTM+PMM are  conducted to update parents about child's progress and to share views on students achievements and behaviour






Children can always benefit from any additional support they get. We, at VIDYASHREE,  gratefully encourage parents to volunteer to help us in whatever is their field of interest , or their strengths. You can fill out the form available in school and we will get in touch.







Parent-Teacher meeting is a necessity in the present day context. In order to build up a close rapport between the school and parents, open house meetings are organized. Coordinated efforts of the school and the parents result in the best all round development of the child. Parent-Teacher interaction at various celebrations, events and meetings organized by the school is vital. Parents are advised to:


* Use Almanac as a communication link.


* Attend PTM and Open Days.


* Meet Principal / Class Teacher, whenever necessary with prior appointment.


* Take out time to attend the School Functions.


* It is advisable to write to the school about the problems of your ward for seeking guidance.