One of the challenge we faced has been to develop a physical education program that is meaningful, demanding and practically possible to implement. Sports are an integral part of a healthy childhood and also important in enhancing their personality & outlook. Children have extensive playfields and indoor play areas where they can pursue the sports of their choice under the close observation of specialist teachers in physical education and dedicated coaches.

Teachers also integrate play within their topic plans across the curriculum and children's enjoyment is reflected in their improved attendance and behaviour. We also offer a wealth of extra curricular activities for children of all ages during and after school hours. Details of clubs on offer are sent out at the beginning of each term.


Opportunities to lead and excel are open to children of all age groups, both in classrooms and play grounds, and we ensure that pupils make use of these opportunities responsibly. From sitting up on their own to throwing a ball, children gradually develop the physical skills needed for their adult lives. Physical development includes both growth and the ability to use muscles and body parts for particular skills. We at VSIS have various activities from time to time which boosts the physical development of a child.