Expectations from Parents of Vidyashree Pariwar


•           To attend all PTMs on time for discussing the development of the child.

•           To sign the almanac of the child on regular basis so that no important information is   missed.

•           Be a co-partner with school and the overall development of the child.

•           To help your child in finishing their homework with quality.

•           To help your child in revising the work done at school on regular basis.

•           To pay the fees and other dues in time.


Expectations from  VIDYASHREEANS


•           To protect and promote the sanctity of school

•           To safeguard and preserve School property.

•           To be responsible for individual's properties.

•           To maintain cleanliness in the classrooms and also help in making an ecologically green school.

•           To follow the instructions given in the school by the staff.

•           To uphold the dignity of the school programs by organizing, participating in and helping in whatever way help is required.

•           Students should speak softly and only in English while in school.

•           Students should behave responsibly towards friends and acquaintances.

•           Student should be dressed appropriately all the time while they are in campus.