All students are given an Identity Card at the beginning of the session. This I-card must be worn to school every day as it is meant for the security of the child.

Parents must furnish correct details asked for in the I-card. Loss of the I-card should be reported to the Class Teacher immediately. If details in the I-card have become obsolete (eg. change in Tel. No. and address), parents must again request for a second I-card.

A duplicate I-card can be issued on the payment of Rs.100/-.


Parents of children travelling by car to school, walkers and children availing themselves of private transport facility are requested to collect Guardian’s I-cards from the School Reception.

All details about the wards and of persons responsible for taking back their children at the departure time, along with their photographs must be filled in the I-cards correctly. These must be attested by the Administrative Officer of the School.

Please note that no child, who is a non-user of school transport will be allowed to go out of the school gates unless escorted by an adult, who has his photograph and I-card verified by the school authorities.

Arguing with the guard for checking Parent’s / Guardian’s I-card is undesirable. The guard is only doing his duty and safeguarding your children from strangers and cases of kidnapping.


Lost Property


We encourage parents to label children's clothes (especially coats and jumpers) and shoes. If a child does lose an item, please inform the reception or class teacher as soon as possible through almanac.