Attendance and Leave Policy


We are committed to provide the very best education possible to our children. There is a close link between attendance and progress. If for any reason your child is not able to attend the school please let us know preferably, in advance, using the leave application form in the almanac.  If your child is unwell please contact the school to let us know as soon as possible.


1. As per instructions of CBSE, each student is expected to maintain 75% attendance in an academic session. No relaxation of any kind will be granted to a student who fails to fulfill the school requirement. In case attendance is short, the student will neither be eligible to sit for main examination nor for any academic prizes.

2. Leave application form in almanac must be submitted, in writing, by the parent to the Principal in case of absence.

3. If a child has been suffering from a communicable disease, he/she would be allowed to attend the school only after production of a fitness certificate from a qualified doctor.  

  4. If a student is absent without reason for more than six days his/her name may be struck off the school rolls.

5. Re-admission may be granted only at the discretion of the Principal.